F-O-A | Nitrogen Fill Kit

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After spending some serious time searching for the highest quality parts at the best price we are finally able to sell a high quality nitrogen kit at an affordable price. First we start with a Brand new 7.8 liter Tank. Our tanks are rated to 2265 PSI, 150 Bar higher than most of our competitors. We then top it with a DOT V1 3AA   CGA valve. We then include a high quality regulator adjustable up to 800psi, with a 15 foot custom made hose that is rated to 1000psi. You will need to source a chuck to fill your shocks. Some people like the FOX style fill station the locks onto the schrader valve we are not a huge fan of that system really over complicates a simple process ,and we have seen schrader damage from those tools either over depressing the schrader being knocked off the schrader during the filling. What we do is use a standard tire chuck of your liking…set the regulator to the desired PSI you want the shocks charged too,push the chuck onto the shock schrader until the pressure equalizes and then you are done. This makes the nitrogen station great for general usage when out wheeling form airing up a tire to running air tools such as an impact.